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Mastercard Prefer Promotion


For less than 500 square feet 

(effective for 90 days)

Standard Pricing


Mastercard Prefer Standard Pricing


Claim by Promotion Code: MCPS2020 and pay with Mastercard


4 time per year pricing

(effective for 360 days)

Standard Pricing 


Mastercard Prefer Standard Pricing


Claim by Promotion Code: MCPA2020 and pay with Mastercard

Terms and Conditions

  • Exclusive for Mastercard holders only from now till 30 Dec, 2020

  • GermTech reserves the right to change or terminate this offer and its terms and conditions at any time without prior notice

  • In case of any dispute, GermTech reserves the final right of decision

  • Other Terms and Conditions apply.  Please refer to the GermTech operation team for details

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