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HKUST team says its new spray kills Covid-19

Researchers at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology say they have developed a long-lasting coating that can be sprayed on various surfaces to kill most bacteria and viruses — including the new coronavirus.

They say the new coating has been proven able to kill 99.9 percent of highly-infectious viruses such as measles and mumps.

The coating can be applied on a wide range of surfaces such as metals, plastics and fabrics, the researchers say.

Professor Yeung King-lun from the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering said their product continues to be effective for up to three months, unlike traditional disinfectant, containing bleach and alcohol.

"We use a special type of polymers that are actually used in a lot of food products. We reassemble them in a certain way to make them more effective," Yeung said.

The researchers say they have already found a manufacturer, and the new product has been used in hospitals, schools, daycare centres and elderly homes. They added that the product could hit the market in the next two to four weeks.


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