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GERMAGIC™ provides long-term bacterial and viral protection for your family, your office, schools and kindergartens.

The essence of GERMAGIC™ technology is using encapsulation technology for controlled-release of active antimicrobials.

Professional Disinfection Coating Services 

Over 300 education institutes, day cares, elderly centers, commercial buildings, shopping malls and retailers have applied

GERMAGIC™’s various high-tech life epidemic prevention products are applicable to multiple disciplines. Disinfection coating services apply to families, schools, hospitals, offices, public area, etc.


  • Learning Habitat Kindergarten and Bilingual Nursery

  • Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong Ling Liang Church Kindergarten

  • Hong Kong Sports Institute

  • Victoria Kindergarten & International Nursery (Causeway Bay)

  • HKUST School of Engineering 

  • ......

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Contact Us

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